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Mission and Values


Our principles:

At Akluna, we believe that people  can make their life healthier by consuming the natural, authentic foods grown by our farmers in the hills and valleys of Palestine.  We partner with the farmers by marrying their life-long agricultural expertise to our knowledge of international markets. We respect and care for the land that allows us to create our extraordinary products.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to create competitive long-life food products for export markets made with locally grown crops harvested by Palestinian farmers. 

To do this, we are upgrading the local know-how and hardware for producing long-life food.  We observe the farmers throughout their production process to identify opportunities for greater efficiency and improved production standards.  As a result, we are able to introduce new technologies and/or procedures that farmers can easily integrate into their working practices, with a higher quality and lower-cost product. 

We are also building a food brand identified with healthy, tasty and authentic Palestinian foods, made from natural and nutritious ingredients. We built a manufacturing facility, designed to meet international certification standards and quality control procedures. This will ensure that we are able to present healthy food products based on indigenous, centuries-old culinary traditions.

Each time a product is developed, Akluna will work on the product’s labeling and packaging to prepare for export. We take the final product and make it ready to be sold in export markets.

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